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Branded in Burntwood

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Brief Summary of Book: Branded (Branded in Burntwood #1) by Naomi Porter

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Branded in Burntwood

Prepare for a journey into the tumultuous, passionate, and unpredictable world of romance with Naomi Porter’s latest small-town series, set in the fictional locale of Burntwood, South Dakota. After a decade of living recklessly, fueled by a shattered heart, I abandoned the rodeo to join a biker club, adorned myself with tattoos, and walked away from my family and responsibilities on our cattle ranch. Burntwood held too many painful reminders of the love I lost.

Attempts to drown my sorrows in alcohol and fleeting romances proved futile in erasing memories of Shelby Smithfield. When my biker club fell apart, I made the decision to return home, trading my Harley for a horse. While reconnecting with my roots felt like the right move, complications arose when Shelby returned with her billionaire boyfriend in tow. However, I sense something amiss about him, detecting the stench of ill-gotten wealth. He is not the man Shelby believes him to be.

I am determined to expose the true nature of this masked individual, unveiling the monster Shelby is unwittingly involved with, and reclaim her for myself. I will protect her at all costs, rekindling the flame we once shared and reminding her that, despite the passage of time, our hearts remain branded. “Branded” marks the inaugural installment in the Branded in Burntwood series, a realm where anything is possible, and happily ever afters are assured.

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  • Full Book Name: Branded (Branded in Burntwood #1)
  • Author Name: Naomi Porter
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance
  • Series Detail: Book 1 in the Branded in Burntwood series
  • ISBN: 9781952423727
  • Edition Language: English
  • Date of Publication: February 25, 2024
  • PDF File Name: Branded_-_Naomi_Porter.pdf
  • EPUB File Name: Branded_-_Naomi_Porter.epub
  • PDF File Size: 3.8 MB
  • EPUB File Size: 3.4 MB

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Branded in BurntwoodBranded in Burntwood