Our Mission

December 30, 2023

What we believe

We hold the conviction that universal access to knowledge and information is paramount. Numerous developing regions face obstacles in obtaining essential resources, such as books, due to limited availability and challenges in distribution. Furthermore, the accessibility of online platforms like Amazon is constrained for many due to delivery limitations and financial constraints.

In remote areas of developing countries, libraries remain inaccessible, while quality bookstores are predominantly found in major urban centers. Our belief strongly advocates for the right of every individual to readily access knowledge regardless of geographical constraints.

Neil Gaiman on Ebook Piracy

Regardless of whether one follows Neil Gaiman’s literary works, his perspective on the debate surrounding ebook piracy and the utilization of DRM (Digital Rights Management) for ebooks presents a valuable viewpoint. Whether aligning with his stance or not, Mr. Gaiman’s insights merit contemplation.

Moreover, our belief strongly advocates for the uncomplicated and straightforward accessibility of desired PDF or ePub versions of ebooks. We envision a platform without mandatory sign-ups, membership registrations, intrusive ads, or pop-ups, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users to acquire what they seek. Our platform is designed with this ethos in mind. If you resonate with our principles, supporting us through a small donation would enable us to sustain our efforts. Your support, along with sharing our site on social media platforms and providing positive feedback, would be greatly appreciated.

A crucial note to book readers:

Supporting authors, especially independent ones, is vital as their journey to earn a living through writing is challenging. Here are two steps we encourage you to take after downloading a book from here:

1. Leave a Thoughtful Review: If you enjoy a book, consider leaving a positive review on platforms like Amazon, other online bookstores, or Goodreads. Your review indirectly supports the author, potentially influencing others to purchase the book based on your insights. It’s a small yet impactful gesture that you should undertake after reading a free copy.

2. Recommend to Others: Spread the word! Recommending books to friends and communities who have the means to purchase or access books online can significantly benefit authors. Your word-of-mouth recommendation might lead to more sales, supporting the author’s work and creativity.

Remember, if you acquire the financial means later on, consider purchasing the book to directly support your favorite authors. This support encourages authors to continue writing, ensuring a broader range of material for readers like you in the future. Ultimately, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.