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December 30, 2023

We’re excited to kickstart this platform and regret any inconvenience if your preferred books aren’t immediately available.

Before submitting a request, please ensure it’s not already present on our website.

To efficiently search our database, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Book Title accurately in the search box located in the right sidebar.
  • Explore “Books By Authors” to verify if the author is featured on our site.
  • Should you still struggle to locate a book, kindly proceed as follows and provide both the Book Title and Author’s Name. This helps us pinpoint the exact book amidst various titles by different authors.

Some key notes to consider:

  • Kindly request one book at a time. We’ve updated our policy to focus on single title requests, ensuring faster fulfillment for all users. Once you’ve finished reading your requested book, feel free to request another.
  • Your requested book will be queued in the order it’s received in our inbox. Please bear with us as we’re experiencing a high volume of daily requests with our small team. Unfortunately, we cannot commit to a specific timeline for processing requests due to the fluctuating volume.
  • Nearly 90% of requested books are successfully posted within a few days. If your requested book isn’t posted, it might be unpublished or unavailable in EPUB/PDF readable formats.
  • Please refrain from requesting books yet to be published. Always verify the publication date before submitting a request.
  • Rest assured, we meticulously review each request. We appreciate your patience if there’s a delay in processing.
  • Kindly complete the form below with the book title and author’s name.

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Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.