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Brief Summary of Book: Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

Discover “Icebreaker” by Hannah Grace, a compelling novel published on August 21st, 2022.

Anastasia Allen has dedicated her life to achieving a coveted spot on Team USA. With a passion for figure skating cultivated since the age of five, Anastasia secured a full college scholarship through her outstanding performance on the Maple Hills skating team. Her demanding schedule reflects her unwavering determination to emerge victorious. There are no exceptions to Stassie’s pursuit of success.

Nathan Hawkins, the indomitable captain of the Maple Hills Titans, is accustomed to overcoming any challenge that comes his way. Charged with the responsibility of ensuring the hockey team’s success on the ice, Nathan’s problem-solving skills are put to the test when a misunderstanding leads to a shared rink with Anastasia’s figure skating team. In the aftermath, Anastasia’s partner sustains an injury, compelling Nathan to trade his hockey stick for figure skates and face unexpected challenges, including a coach who’s even more intimidating than the one he’s used to.

As circumstances bind them together, Anastasia and Nathan discover that they share more than just a sporting arena. Despite initial reservations, Anastasia’s aversion to hockey players is called into question. “Icebreaker” unfolds as a tale of unforeseen connections, challenging stereotypes, and the unlikely partnership that develops between two individuals from vastly different worlds.

Without compromise.

Nathan Hawkins, the unwavering captain of the Maple Hills Titans, has consistently conquered every challenge thrown his way. Bearing the weighty responsibility of ensuring the hockey team’s continual presence on the ice, Nathan is well-acquainted with problem-solving.

A perplexing misunderstanding forces the two teams to share a rink, resulting in an unfortunate injury to Anastasia’s partner. In the aftermath, Nate undergoes an unexpected transformation, exchanging his hockey stick for figure skates and his intimidating coach for an even more fearsome counterpart.

Bound together by circumstance, the duo discovers that their connection goes beyond the surface. Despite initial reservations, Anastasia’s avowed distaste for hockey players is called into question.

Are they truly stuck together, or could there be more to their intertwined fates? After all, Anastasia doesn’t harbor any affection for hockey players… or does she?

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Full Book NameIcebreaker
Author NameHannah Grace
Book GenreAcademic, Adult, Chick Lit, College, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Hockey, New Adult, Romance, Sports, Sports Romance, Womens Fiction
ISBN #9781915593009
Edition LanguageEnglish
Date of PublicationAugust 21st, 2022
PDF File NameIcebreaker_-_Hannah_Grace.pdf
EPUB File NameIcebreaker_-_Hannah_Grace.epub
PDF File Size2.3 MB
EPUB File Size1.2 MB

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What inspired the author to write “Icebreaker”?

The author may share insights into the inspiration behind the novel, whether it’s a personal experience, a fascination with sports, or a desire to explore themes of unexpected connections.

Is “Icebreaker” based on real events or individuals?

Readers often wonder if the characters or events in the story have real-life counterparts. The author might address whether the novel draws inspiration from reality.

How did the author research the world of figure skating and hockey to make the story authentic?

This question could shed light on the author’s research process, demonstrating their commitment to accurately portraying the sports featured in the novel.

What challenges do Anastasia and Nathan face as they switch roles in the sports world?

Readers might be curious about the specific challenges the characters encounter and how they navigate the unfamiliar territories of each other’s sports.

Can you elaborate on the themes of breaking stereotypes and unexpected connections in “Icebreaker”?

Exploring the novel’s themes provides readers with a deeper understanding of the story’s underlying messages and what the characters learn throughout their journey.

Who are the supporting characters in “Icebreaker,” and how do they contribute to the story?

Understanding the roles of supporting characters can give readers a more comprehensive view of the novel’s dynamics and relationships.

How does the setting of the story, such as the sporting arenas, contribute to the overall atmosphere of “Icebreaker”?

The setting often plays a crucial role in shaping the narrative. Readers might be interested in how the chosen locations enhance the storytelling.

Does “Icebreaker” explore any social or cultural themes beyond sports?

This question delves into whether the novel touches on broader societal issues, providing readers with insights into the depth of the story.

What message does the author hope readers take away from “Icebreaker”?

Understanding the author’s intentions and the central message of the novel can enhance readers’ appreciation for the story and its themes.

Are there plans for a sequel or additional works related to “Icebreaker”?

Readers often want to know if there are future plans for the characters or if the author intends to explore similar themes in subsequent works.


“Icebreaker” promises to be a compelling tale of unexpected connections, personal growth, and breaking down stereotypes within the dynamic worlds of figure skating and hockey. Anastasia Allen and Nathan Hawkins, seemingly from vastly different worlds, find themselves thrust into an unlikely partnership that challenges their preconceived notions and pushes them beyond their comfort zones.

The novel explores themes of determination, teamwork, and the transformative power of collaboration. Anastasia’s dedication to figure skating and Nathan’s resilience as the captain of the Maple Hills Titans set the stage for a narrative rich in sportsmanship and the pursuit of excellence. The twist of Nathan trading his hockey stick for figure skates adds a layer of humor and irony, creating a unique and engaging storyline.