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In the gripping narrative of “Skin of a Sinner,” author Avina St. Graves delves into the tumultuous journey of betrayal, redemption, and the unyielding grip of the past. As the story unfolds, we are drawn into the tumultuous world of protagonist, [Insert Protagonist’s Name], whose life is upended when her former savior and love, Roman Riviera, returns with dark intentions. Set against a backdrop of heartache and danger, the tale explores themes of trust, resilience, and the enduring struggle to break free from the shadows of the past. With each twist and turn, readers are propelled into a gripping narrative that challenges perceptions of love, loyalty, and the lengths one will go to for survival. Join [Protagonist’s Name] on a journey of self-discovery and defiance in “Skin of a Sinner,” where every page unveils a new layer of suspense and intrigue.

Brief Summary of Book: Skin of a Sinner by Avina St. Graves

Explore the captivating world of “Skin of a Sinner” by Avina St. Graves, a riveting book published on December 12, 2023. Dive into the pages of this intriguing story by accessing the full PDF and EPUB download at the end.

No one prepares you for the turmoil that ensues when the boy who once shattered your heart reappears to claim it. Roman Riviera, my former everything, used to be my knight in shining armor when we were both foster kids. He vowed to protect me and stay by my side forever. However, Roman Riviera is a deceiver. He abandoned me, leaving behind a trail of monsters.

Fast forward three years, and I stumbled upon him one night, drenched in my family’s blood, etching his initials into my foster brother’s skin. He bound me and forcefully uprooted me from the life I had built without him. Attempting to escape proved futile; he pursued relentlessly. I yearned to scream, but the sound never escaped my lips.

His claim of permanence echoes in my ears, asserting that I’ll never break free from his grasp. He insists he’s back for good, but skepticism lingers within me. I refuse to believe him.

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Full Book NameSkin of a Sinner
Author NameAvina St. Graves
Book GenreAdult, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Dark, Fiction, Romance, Suspense
Series DetailNot specified
ISBN #Not specified
Edition LanguageEnglish
Date of PublicationDecember 12, 2023
PDF File NameSkin_of_a_Sinner_-_Avina_St_Graves.pdf
EPUB File NameSkin_of_a_Sinner_-_Avina_St_Graves.epub
PDF File Size2.2 MB
EPUB File Size1.5 MB

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Who is the author, Avina St. Graves?

Avina St. Graves is the talented author behind “Skin of a Sinner,” known for crafting compelling narratives that captivate readers.

When was “Skin of a Sinner” published?

“Skin of a Sinner” was published on December 12, 2023.

What genre does the book belong to?

The book falls into the [insert genre] genre, offering a mix of [insert themes].

Can I download a free PDF or EPUB copy of the book?

Yes, the book is available for free download in both PDF and EPUB formats.

What inspired Avina St. Graves to write “Skin of a Sinner”?

The author’s inspiration for the book might be influenced by personal experiences, societal issues, or a creative vision. Specific details can be explored in interviews or author’s notes.

Are there any content warnings or sensitive themes in the book?

Readers should be aware of [insert content warnings] in “Skin of a Sinner” due to its exploration of [insert sensitive themes].

Is there a sequel or other related works by Avina St. Graves?

Information about sequels or related works can be found in the author’s bibliography or official announcements.

What is the target audience for “Skin of a Sinner”?

The book is intended for [insert target audience], offering a compelling story that resonates with readers of [insert age group].

Where can I find reviews or discussions about “Skin of a Sinner”?

Reviews and discussions can be found on platforms like Goodreads, book blogs, and literary forums. Readers often share their thoughts and insights about the book in these spaces.


“Skin of a Sinner” by Avina St. Graves weaves a compelling narrative of love, betrayal, and redemption. The story revolves around the protagonist’s tumultuous journey as she grapples with the return of Roman Riviera, the once-savior who shattered her world. Set against a backdrop of dark secrets and unspoken truths, the book explores the intricacies of trust and the enduring impact of past scars. As the characters navigate through a maze of emotions, the author skillfully crafts a tale that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. “Skin of a Sinner” is a poignant exploration of resilience, self-discovery, and the indomitable spirit that can emerge from the ashes of a broken heart.