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Twisted Love (Twisted, #1): Dive into the enthralling world of Twisted Love by Ana Huang, a gripping contemporary romance with unique characters and unexpected twists.

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He possesses a heart encased in ice, yet for her, he would set the world ablaze. Alex Volkov, a devil with the visage of an angel, grapples with a haunting past from which he cannot escape. Driven by a tragedy that has shadowed him for most of his life, his relentless pursuit of success and revenge leaves little room for matters of the heart. However, when he finds himself responsible for the well-being of his best friend’s sister, an unfamiliar sensation stirs in his chest—a crack, a thaw, a fire capable of reshaping his world.

Ava Chen, a free spirit ensnared by nightmares of an elusive childhood, refuses to be defined by her fractured past. Despite the scars, she perceives the beauty in the world, even beneath the icy exterior of a man she knows she shouldn’t desire—her brother’s best friend, her neighbor, her savior, and her potential downfall. Their love story, a forbidden entanglement, unfolds unexpectedly, unearthing secrets that could shatter them and everything they cherish.

“Twisted Love” is a gripping tale of a brother’s best friend and an opposites-attract romance, tinged with suspense. While it stands as the inaugural book in the Twisted series, it is crafted to be enjoyed as a standalone novel. Be forewarned: this book contains a possessive, morally ambiguous alphahole, explicit sexual content, and profanity. If you seek a conventionally sweet and endearing hero, this may not be the right choice for you. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and above.

He has a heart of ice…but for her, he’d burn the world.

Alex Volkov, a devil wearing the facade of an angel, bears the weight of a past from which escape seems impossible. Motivated by a tragedy that has cast a haunting shadow over the majority of his existence, his unyielding drive for success and vengeance permits no space for matters of the heart.

Yet, when circumstances demand he take care of his best friend’s sister, a stirring begins in the depths of his chest:

  • A fracture.
  • A thaw.
  • A flame with the potential to shatter his familiar world.

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Full Book NameTwisted Love (Twisted, #1)
Author NameAna Huang
Book GenreContemporary, New Adult, Romance
ISBN #[Not provided]
Edition LanguageEnglish
Date of Publication2021-04-29
PDF File NameTwisted_Love_-_Ana_Huang.pdf
EPUB File NameTwisted_Love_-_Ana_Huang.epub
PDF File Size1.8 MB
EPUB File Size892 KB

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As of now, there haven’t been any official announcements regarding adaptations.

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